An Extension of Your Home: Decking

I get the impression that there is a split in how people view their decking at their homes. It seems that people are divided into two schools of thought around what the purpose of their deck is. The majority of homeowners see it as an extension of their home; a place where they can entertain guests or simply enjoy themselves. Then there is a smaller segment of people who just tend to see it as something removed from the home.

Your decking is an integral part of your home, no different then your living room or family room. It is place that extends beyond being purely for aesthetics and offers up an area that provides not only comfort but also entertainment. The warmer months, from May until September, provide us with a multitude of opportunities to take advantage of these areas and full enjoy our homes.


However it can be hard to enjoy the decking area when it is in need of attention and repair. Decks really take a beating from normal wear and tear from using them to the elements constantly attacking them. It is of no surprise to find that a deck needs boards replaced or repaired or to be re-stained again. That is where Four Golden Brothers Painting comes in to help.

We offer a wide variety of services for not just your home, but also your deck. Our deck services offer the highest quality and expertise in handling repairs and staining.

With summer quickly approaching, give us a call today to schedule a free estimate to see how we can help to improve your deck or home! 


Four Golden Brothers Uses Cabot Staining To Give You The Best

As we have mentioned in previous posts, Four Golden Brothers Painting is one of the best companies when it comes to doing deck staining. This has been proven time and time again by our repeat customers, our referrals from customers, and our reviews on various websites. We take the time to make sure each and every job is done right and leaves our customers more than satisfied.

In order to do any job right, especially a job such as deck staining, it is important to use the proper materials to deliver high-quality results. This is why Four Golden Brothers uses Cabot stains by Valspar. We have mentioned before that we love using Valspar’s amazing products because of their quality and durability that are really above and beyond the competition.


Cabot Staining is no different than the rest of Valspar’s products. It offers up an incredible quality of stain for your deck or wood. Cabot’s stains have been a “leader in wood-care since 1877” and are still to this day. Their success is directly related to their easy to use product that delivers a long lasting, high-quality, showroom finish.

If you are thinking of staining wood in your home or on your deck we recommend that you give us a call and schedule a free estimate so we can help you to freshen up your home or deck! 


Deck Staining by Four Golden Brothers


With last week netting the area around 15 inches of snow and more on the horizon, the outside of your house is probably off of your radar currently. However, the snow and ice won’t be here for much longer. Temperatures are beginning to rise, the days are growing longer, and the desire to break the shackles of cabin fever are becoming stronger; summer is right around the corner.

One of the many highlights of the warmer weather is being able to be out doors and enjoy the seasons. If you are fortunate enough to own a home with a deck, that is the cherry-on-top of your proverbial summer pie. There a few things more relaxing than enjoying quality time on a deck.

A deck, like anything else related to your home, needs care and up keep. These harsh winters and hot summers take a toll on your deck and leave it needing repair or re-freshening quicker then you’d like to admit. That is why a lot of homeowners seek-out Four Golden Brothers Painting for their various deck services and trust us with such a prized piece of their home.


Four Golden Brothers offers a range of services that we have perfected for maintaining and reinvigorating your decking. We offer power washing and staining services to give the wood a new, fresh look that really updates the appearance of not only the deck, but also your home. We also offer deck repair should your wood be damaged, rotted, or not up to snuff for your home.

While we can not wait for summer to get here as quick as it can, we recommend that homeowners begin to start scheduling free estimates now for our decking services. You do not want to wait until summer is already here to update your deck. 


Beyond Painting: Four Golden Brothers Painting Services

Four Golden Brothers Painting has built it’s name and reputation on, well, painting; painting has always been and always will be our mainstay service. We are very proud of the notoriety we have achieved through our painting services and deeply pride ourselves on the relationships and reputation we have curated through this part of our business. 

However, Four Golden Brothers Painting services extend far beyond the bucket and the brush. Painting is merely one part of our very versatile business. Our services extend to all areas of your home or business; we are a one-stop-shop for your home remodeling needs. 

Deck staining, repair and refinishing are another major component of the Four Golden Brothers business. We can take old, dilapidated decking and make it look better than it did when it was brand new. Whether boards need to be replaced or you just need a fresh stain, we have you covered. We also offer power washing services for your exterior to help take the scum and other residue off that builds up over time.

The options and opportunities for refreshing or renovating the interior of your home are almost endless with Four Golden Brothers. From our custom carpentry services, cabinetry, drywall, wallpaper services, to even our kitchen, bath, tile and granite services, we have you covered from every aspect.

Do you have something in mind? Has there been an idea in your head of something you would like to change in your head? Give us a call today and schedule a free estimate to explore all of your possibilities!


Four Golden Brothers Painting: A New Year, a new home

Out with the old and in with the new; 2013 is over and now we are already well underway into the New Year, 2014. As always, we make different resolutions as to how we are going to better ourselves and our lives for the new year. They usually range from quitting smoking, eating healthier, going to the gym, fixing up the house, painting, cleaning out the garage, etc. The reality of these well-intentioned resolutions is that after a week we break them.

 While we often lack the diligence to go the New Year without a cigarette, our nightly ice cream, or even lifting a weight at the gym, it’s never to late to commit to improving your home. Your home, aside from your job, is arguably where you spend the majority of your time. Day in and day out we return to our homes and look at the interior walls that need painting, or the deck that needs staining, or the exterior facade that needs a new coat of paint.

Many people have paint ideas that they want to see implemented into their home, but struggle to make them come to fruition. It is easy to ignore that much wanted home remodeling idea you had in mine for many reasons, whether it be worrying about the cost, settling on a color, or even deciding where to start first; this is where Four Golden Brothers Painting comes into play.


We have a long history of not only providing award winning painting and exceeding customers expectations, but also being able to do home remodeling cost efficiently. Don’t let 2014 be another repeat of last year, the year before, and the year before that. A free estimate is the first step to making your New Year’s resolution a reality!


Deck staining in NJ



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