Four Golden Brothers Painting Home Remodeling

It seems that we, Four Golden Brothers Painting, often get pigeon holed as just being a painting company. People think that we do not do anything more than painting, but the fact of the matter is we do much more than that. 

Interior and exterior home painting is a major staple of our business but we are more versatile than just painting. Four Golden Brothers offers a wide range of services that are tailored to fit the needs of home and business owners who are in need of different services.

We are your one-stop-shop for home remodeling needs. We have skilled and experienced workers that can tackle painting, drywall, tiling, carpentry, deck refinishing, and more! 

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The Importance of Prep

Going into any home remodeling project, there is always a lot more than what meets the eye. Nothing is as simple as going into a house or business and just throwing paint or wallpaper on the walls. Sure, you can do that, but in the end the quality of the work comes out quite low. That is why Four Golden Brothers Painting values the quality of prep work.

Good prep work is the foundation of every high-quality project. Good prep leads to good results and is an absolute necessity in any and all home remodeling projects. We make sure to take the time to properly prep every single job we do no matter what it or what it needs, which is something not every painter can say; however Four Golden Brothers Painting can.

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Four Golden Brothers Painting Digital Presence

Home remodeling and painting work is an incredibly visually dominant field. There is a need for customers to be able to see the work of the potential company they may hire to do their work. We at Four Golden Brothers Painting recognize this and try to showcase as much of our work as we can. We like to be able to show all of our not just so customers can see the high level of craftsmanship we provide, but also because we are proud of it.

We also see the importance of being able to have multiple places online where customers can rate and review our services, to give other customers insight on the kind of work we provide and the satisfaction they got with it. These reviews also help to give us insight on things we did that you liked and did not like so we can then make every customers experience a more enjoyable one. 

At the end of this blog post are links to out different social media pages and we would encourage everyone to take a look through them, see our pictures of our work, and reviews of our services. If we have done work for you, we’d encourage you to review the work we did. Call today to schedule a free estimate.








An Extension of Your Home: Decking

I get the impression that there is a split in how people view their decking at their homes. It seems that people are divided into two schools of thought around what the purpose of their deck is. The majority of homeowners see it as an extension of their home; a place where they can entertain guests or simply enjoy themselves. Then there is a smaller segment of people who just tend to see it as something removed from the home.

Your decking is an integral part of your home, no different then your living room or family room. It is place that extends beyond being purely for aesthetics and offers up an area that provides not only comfort but also entertainment. The warmer months, from May until September, provide us with a multitude of opportunities to take advantage of these areas and full enjoy our homes.


However it can be hard to enjoy the decking area when it is in need of attention and repair. Decks really take a beating from normal wear and tear from using them to the elements constantly attacking them. It is of no surprise to find that a deck needs boards replaced or repaired or to be re-stained again. That is where Four Golden Brothers Painting comes in to help.

We offer a wide variety of services for not just your home, but also your deck. Our deck services offer the highest quality and expertise in handling repairs and staining.

With summer quickly approaching, give us a call today to schedule a free estimate to see how we can help to improve your deck or home! 


Four Golden Brothers Guarantees Our Work

Over the past decade or so, the home improvement industry has seen a large decline in quality and reliability of the professionals in the field. It seems that just about every other night you turn on your local news to hear about how homeowners got scammed out of their money and work they were promised. This really does a huge disservice to the whole industry itself. 

Four Golden Brothers Painting combats this negative fear that people have of hiring workers for painting, remodeling, etc. We guarantee all of our work and enter into a contractual agreement with all of our customers that states “All work is guaranteed”. It is important for us to build a relationship with our customers that is built on honesty and meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

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The Alternative to Interior Painting: Wallpaper

When it comes to remodeling and home design, your options are almost endless. We are ultimately only limited by our imagination for what is possible. That’s why when you look at any room in your home or office, you should see it as a blank page for creativity and possibility.

While there is a bevy of colors one can choose to paint a room, there are even other options outside the box of painting, such as wallpaper. While Four Golden Brothers Painting does receive quite a few phone calls for wallpaper removal, we also receive just as many for wallpaper installation. 


Wallpapering a room can be a great alternative to painting a room. It offers up a different feel and look for a home or business that carries with it a sense of timelessness. Wallpapering a room often allows for a more creative/expressive take on a space. 

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Investing in Your Home

Many of you reading this have already filed your taxes or will be doing so very shortly (deadline is April 15th). As dreadful as the whole process is, the upside of it all is the almighty tax returns that we all hope for. Many of us look right away to invest/spend that tax return, and arguably the best place to do that is on your home.

Given that your home is the place where you spend the majority of your time outside of work. You raise a family in your home, have people over, use it as an escape from the world, and so much more. That is why it makes sense to take advantage of Four Golden Brothers Painting wide variety of services and improve your home. By improving your surroundings you not only improve your mental health, but you also see a return on your investment by increasing your property’s worth.


Now that we are going into the month of April, it is the perfect time to consider exterior painting, power washing, or deck staining. But why stop there when we have a bevy of other services to benefit you and your home, from interior painting, drywall work, carpentry and more.

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Beyond Painting: Carpentry

Despite the name of Four Golden Brothers Painting, our company is much more diverse in our skill set than our name suggests. One of the lesser known aspects of our business is our carpentry services, which just like our painting, we excel at.

All of our carpentry is custom, and built to not only last, but make our customers happy. This could be from the simplest of repairs on your deck or trim, or doing brand new crown molding, wall paneling, or even shelving built to our customers specifications and satisfaction.

It is important for us to not only deliver a wide-variety of services, but to deliver services that will exceed customers expectations.Our licensed and insured workers approach each and every job with the utmost care and craft to deliver each and every customer with award winning work.

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Power Washing your Home

The exterior of your home takes a beating over the course of a year. This is no shock to any homeowner. The elements are constantly putting visible wear and tear on the exterior of the home, everything from the wind and the sun to the rain and the snow. 

It does not take too long for the exterior of your home to not look as fresh, and even to look dirty. A coating of grime and dirt from the year builds up quickly and only continues to grow worse as the days go on. 


A great remedy for this is a good power wash. A lot of homeowners do not necessarily consider this option as a cheap answer to an annoying problem. While at Four Golden Brothers we do offer exterior painting, power washing is one of the many great services that we offer that can really freshen up the exterior of your home; from the siding and facade to the wood work and decking, power washing can breathe life in to your home.

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Trim work is the Cherry on Top

When doing painting work, there is a lot more that goes into it besides just painting the walls or the ceiling. People often overlook or don’t do anything special with their trim work. They just glaze right over it and/or have it touched up.

Trim work is like the cherry on top of any painting job. It is what ties everything else together. Think of it like a painting or drawing. The outline of the drawing compliments and accentuates the drawing itself, really making it pop; trim work functions the same way. The trim helps to contrast or compliment your walls.

Four Golden Brothers Painting cares greatly about customer satisfaction and their expectations. That is why we make sure to pay great attention to detail and excellence when it comes to not only the walls we paint but also the trim as well.

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Before the Paint: Taking Care of the Walls

As we say at Four Golden Brothers Painting, “Painting is an art, we are the artists.” We truly believe this and stand by this concept. In keeping with this analogy, let’s take a moment to discuss the ‘canvas’ we are using, or rather, the walls.

The walls that we paint in your home are a large part of the project and not something to be ignored or left unattended. There are a lot of painters in the business who disregard taking the proper approach to walls and just paint over whatever, with no care given to detail or quality. 

We take the time to make sure that what we are working with is in proper order before we begin our work. If the sheet rock needs to be addressed, then we do it. If the wallpaper needs a skim coating when it comes off, we do it. If the walls need to be prepped with an alcohol treatment, we do it. We leave nothing go to the way side in ensuring that you have an amazing product when finished and that you are happy with it. 

With all of our work we are up front and as detailed as can be when explaining it to you before hand. We make sure that you are aware of what is going on before we do it and are on the same page as us. Call today for a free estimate to see what we can do for you!


Thank you for Supporting Four Golden Brothers Painting

We wanted to take this blog to thank you, all of our customers for your support of us and our business. For more then a decade, we have been servicing homes all over the Tri-State area, which is an incredible feat in this industry. Every step of the way has been backed by our incredible customers who keep us in business.

We pride ourselves on the relationship we have created over the years. Four Golden Brothers Painting cares first and foremost about the customer and their satisfaction. Because of this, a lot of our business is repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals to our services; and for that we say thank you. We have won awards for our services and only provide our customers with the absolute best products and quality of service.

We want to build a relationship with you! So give us a call today to schedule a free estimate to find out what we can do for you! 


Four Golden Brothers Painting Handles the Tough Jobs

We receive a lot of calls from concerned homeowners asking about our services. The questions can range from the simple, “Can I get one room painted?” To asking if we are able to paint a popcorn ceiling, get rid of lead paint, and much more. The answer is yes. Four Golden Brothers Painting has you covered for your home needs!

There is very, very little we are unable to do when it comes to your home, We are the one-stop-shop for your home remodeling needs and try to remove the stress from having work done on your home. A lot of people are incredibly stressed out by what they would consider ‘difficult jobs’ such as dealing with a popcorn ceiling, removing wallpaper or even wallpaper that was painted over, staining, installing sheet rock or drywall, and the list goes on.

*image via wikipedia

The point is that we have you covered. We give homeowners the assurance that they are in good hands with our experienced and knowledgeable workers and that those ‘difficult jobs’ are nothing to fear when Four Golden Brothers is on the job. Call today for a free estimate and let us take care of that ‘difficult job’.


Touching up the Exterior Paint with Four Golden Brothers Painting

It might be a little premature to call it, but it looks like the last of the frozen, snowy weather has hit us in the North East. What’s left from the other storms is starting to melt away, the days are growing longer, and the temperatures are finally rising into livable ranges. A lot of people are leaving the confines of their homes and beginning to explore their yard. 

One of the first things a lot of homeowners are realizing, with the Spring Sun shining on their home, is that the paint is not quite how they remembered it. The weather and the seasons have taken their toll on a lot of homes and left them needing varying degrees of repair and painting. Four Golden Brothers Painting is here to help.

No one should let their home go in need of fresh paint, but it can be quite the task to take on alone. That’s why Four Golden Brothers is here to help; we offer a range of services for the interior and exterior of your home. We can power wash your home and remove all the built-up dirt and grime and then add fresh paint to the exterior of your home, giving it a brand new look or simply refreshing what was already there.

As we say, “Painting is and art, we are the artists.” Let us show you the artistic range and skill we have to give you an exterior paint job you will be more than happy with. Call us today for a free estimate and start your journey to a new home!


The Ultimate Answer for Your Garage

A large and important, but often forgotten and neglected part of many homes is the garage. We take that space and fill it with everything except what it was built for. However, that space, when utilized properly, can be a highly functional part of your home or business. Whether it is for your car, or just as an additional space, the garage can offer a lot in terms of versatility to your home or business and Four Golden Brothers is here to help you realize that. 

*image from Valsparpaint.com

One of the best ways you can freshen up your garage and give it nicer, cleaner look is by applying Quikrete Garage Floor Epoxy. Quikrete is another amazing product by Valspar, which is an amazing company. All of their products are top of the line in quality and finish and their Quikrete Garage Floor Epoxy is no different.

Valspar’s Garage Floor Epoxy is highly thought of and rated as being one of the top products on the market for your garage. It offers, long lasting protection for your garage floor as well as 2X stronger adhesion than the leading competitor. To really seal the deal it gives long-lasting protection against damage from hot tires, gasoline, oil, scuffs, wear and tear to your garage floor. 

Four Golden Brothers can not recommend this product enough, and uses it on customer’s garages as well as our own. With Spring and Summer fast approaching, consider giving us a call today to schedule a free estimate to learn more about this great product for your home!