What Is It That Makes Four Golden Brothers Superior

There are many facets of our company that set us apart from our competition. Not the least of which being our commitment to next level craftsmanship, professionalism, and ultimately our customers. But the one unifying principle that ties together all of these aspects of Four Golden Brothers Painting is Pride. Every single person that works on our team is proud to provide you with the very best service we can muster. 

If you have yet to give our company the opportunity to impress you, don’t hesitate to contact us and find out about what promotions we’re currently offering among our variety of services. 


Using Four Golden Brothers is a Stress-Free Experience


One of the things that sets us apart from our competition is how we run our company; we do so in such a way that the customers stress level is as non-existent as can be. We strive to make things as easy and relaxed as they can be for the customer. 

When you call or email us for a free estimate, we find a time that fits to your schedule and make a commitment to the date and time, We then send one of our estimators out to meet with you, see which of our services your interested in and how you envision the project being completed. Shortly after your meeting with the estimator we send you a formal estimate for the project. 

Should you choose to use Four Golden Brothers Painting, we then schedule you with the project manager and get your color selection, or set up another time to meet with a color consultant to help in your decision. We will then do the work in a timely matter and leave you satisfied and elated that you chose FGB. 

After we complete the work we will follow up with you to make sure you are still happy. It can’t get much easier than that! 


Summer Special with Four Golden Brothers Painting

We are well into the summer season by now and we could not be happier about it! Those cold, snowy days of winter are behind us for now and we are in the midst of the summer heat and humidity. For us at Four Golden Brothers Painting, this is our favorite time of the year! 

The weather is excellent for doing exterior work on your home. Exterior painting and deck staining services are very popular this time of year and many homeowners are taking advantage of it. In order to stay competitive with the competition we offer $400.00 off exterior painting and $100.00 off our deck staining services. 

We’d love to meet with you and see about helping your home come to it’s full potential. Call us today to schedule a free estimate!


Four Golden Brothers Painting: Helping your Dreams Become Reality

Four Golden Brothers Painting offers many services to our customers, so that we can be your one stop shop for your home remodeling needs. We enjoy meeting with different customers and discussing their home remodeling ideas and devising a plan to make hose dreams come to fruition.

There are few things as rewarding as seeing a homeowners face after we complete our work and make their home look like new again. 

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The Benefits of FGB Being Licensed and Insured

When homeowners hire painters to come into their home and do work, they are often taking a risk that they are completely unaware of. Many painters and remodelers working in today’s market are doing so with no license or insurance. Should they get hurt on the job and could cost the home owner a hefty expense to take care of them. 

Four Golden Brothers Painting is proud to say that we are licensed and insured to work on your home. We have the proper credentials and the proper documentation to make sure that you, the customer, is taken of and has nothing to worry about in the event of the worst case in scenario. When hiring your next painter, ask them if they have a license and insurance.

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The Four Golden Brothers Painting Guarantee

When it comes to making the customer happy, Four Golden Brothers Painting does every thing it make the customer happy. The satisfaction and gratitude of a homeowner is one of the most rewarding parts of this business. One of the ways we strive to deliver a high level of satisfaction is by guaranteeing our work!

When we come out and paint your home, do wallpaper, or any of other services, we stand behind of craftsmanship. Should we have made an error or did something in our work flow that resulted in sub-par work, we will come out and fix it to the customers specification.

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Quality Counts with Paint; Four Golden Brothers Painting

Something we can not stress enough to our customers is that quality matters in the products you choose. There is the old saying that you, “get what you pay for” and that is certainly true for paint. This should not be viewed as, you need to buy the most expensive products on the market, however there is a reason the one paint your are considering is so much cheaper than the others.

A big difference that is quite apparent in the quality of paints and stains is the number of coats you may need to use. Often, your cheaper paints and stains will need to have two coats applied to the walls in order to get it to completely cover the wall. This means you would need to not only buy twice as many materials, but also need to pay for double the labor. In the end, it often turns out to be a more expensive endeavor than had you just paid a small bit extra for the higher quality paint.

Four Golden Brothers Painting offers free color consultations to assist you in choosing the perfect paint/stain for you. Call us today to schedule a free estimate!


Picking the right Color with Free Color Consultation by FGB

When painting your home, whether it be interior or exterior, it can often be difficult to settle on the right color. Instead of being reaching an impasse and getting frustrated, let Four Golden Brothers Painting help you decide the perfect color for your home!

Four Golden Brothers Painting offers free color consultation to all of it’s customers. You may already have a color picked out for your project and not need this service, or may want to just double check it. On the flip side, you may have no idea what color you want and be looking for feed back and input on what color to use. Four Golden Brothers Painting will come out to your home, meet with you and sit down with different color wheels to discuss your different options and help you settle on the perfect color.

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Sherwin-Williams Duration Paint: A Great Product


Four Golden Brothers Painting only uses the best quality paints on the market to ensure that homeowners get the best result in their painting projects. As we have mentioned before in another blog post, one of the products we love to use because of its superior quality is Sherwin-Williams Paint.

One of their products which is incredible for exteriors is the Sherwin-Williams Duration paint. Duration is an exterior acrylic based paint that features their permalast technology. The permalast technology provides a long lasting finish that is resistant to peeling and blistering, self priming, and has a mildew resistant coating in it. To top it all off, Duration has a lifetime warranty from Sherwin-Williams.

It is truly and incredible quality paint that we love to use. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate and see how we can use Sherwin-Williams to make your home look brand new!


Summer has begun for Four Golden Brothers Painting

With Memorial Day now behind us, and June being less then a week away, summer is officially upon us. With that said, now is the time to treat yourself and your home and clean up your exterior; Four Golden Brothers Painting is the company you need. This is the best time to do a power wash and stain to your deck, or paint the exterior. 

With the warmer weather, there is nothing quite like sitting outside and enjoying the outside of your home. Give us a call today for a free estimate and learn about how we can help the exterior of your home!


Four Golden Brothers Painting Thanks You

We’re coming up on the halfway mark of 2014 and it has been quite the busy year for Four Golden Brothers Painting. We have been quite busy with under taking projects from new customers and previous customers as well as turning the page in the history book of Four Golden Brothers Painting.

We have hired on more employees to help with growing work load, as well as relocated to a more accommodating office. We are very thankful for what we have been graced with and only look forward to what can come in the second part of the year. Four Golden Brothers Painting thanks you the customers for supporting us along the way, and asks you to join us for the rest of year.

Have a Happy Memorial Day and call us to schedule a free estimate!


Dealing with Lead Paint

There are few things more terrifying for a homeowner to hear than the phrase, “you have lead paint." Lead paint sends chills up spines when it is uttered; and for good reason. The labor that goes into dealing with a home that has lead paint is quite extensive. Most homeowners do not realize the problems that can arise if the process is not taken seriously.

Four Golden Brothers Painting is proud to say that we are certified to deal with lead paint. In addition to our license and insurance, we have the proper certifications to deal with lead paint.

Our workers are trained and knowledgeable to dealing with lead paint, but even more importantly do everything according to the EPA’s standards. Painters that do not abide by the EPA’s guidelines for treating lead paint face serious fines and penalties that can come back on the homeowner as well. 

If you’re home was painted before 1978, there is a high risk there is lead paint on the walls. Give us a call today to get a free estimate and found out if you do have lead paint in your home.


A New Beginning: Our New Office!

Four Golden Brothers Painting is always evolving and always growing as a company. To us, there is no such thing as being content with the status quo or to exist in a state of static existence. We are always looking to improve upon ourselves and our customers experience, making sure we deliver levels of unparalleled service. 

With that said, Four Golden Brothers Painting is pleased to announce that we have moved our offices to a new location! We are delighted and thrilled to have relocated to a more accommodating location for the Four Golden Brothers Painting team! We are currently renovating the office, but soon it will be the premier office for all of your painting needs!

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Four Golden Brothers Painting Marketing To You

If there is one thing indisputable about the Four Golden Brothers Painting beliefs, it is that we truly think we have an incredible service that can not be matched in terms of quality, ease, and reliability. We stand behind our work as well as our professionalism and make no qualms about boasting our own quality of work. 

With that said, we try to show new and potential customers the merit and truth to this claim. We under take different strategies to spread this message as far and wide as we can. In order to do this we use a wide-variety of mediums such as Instagram, Google, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, and different print ads. We would like to ask you, how did you initially hear about us? What first made you aware of Four Golden Brothers Painting? Be sure to let us know!

Call today to schedule a free estimate to see our superior quality work and customer service? 


That Time of the Year for Four Golden Brothers Painting

Every year like clock work, when the warmer months return to us like a much needed breath of fresh air, the calls come flooding in from homeowners all over looking to have work done. The warmer weather offers not only an opportunity to make improvements to the exterior of the home but also to fix what may be in a state of disarray after the winter. 

Four Golden Brothers Painting is dedicated to helping customers with these projects and makes sure there is time for any and all interest in our services. We make sure we can accommodate you with a quick estimate date and reply as well as a reasonable time for scheduling work.

Call us today to discuss getting a free estimate and see how we can help you with your home remodeling needs.